Joining a fashion show: Ok, the first thing you need to know is how to score great. In order to do that, you have to pick the right cloth, am I right? This is how to score big: First and second round: Pick clothes that reflect the theme. For example, if the theme is white, then wear a white t-shirt, white pants/skirt, white hair, white bows and ribbons and everything else that you have that is white. Tip: Try to avoid costumes and outfits. If you do, you wind up getting more points. The final (third) theme: Try to wear everything that the theme has. If you don’t have a necessary object, like hair or shirts, wear something that looks like the item you’re missing. If it’s an accessory, then avoid it completely. If you don’t have the shoes, wear any costume from the dance party and then the clothes, and you won’t have shoes. Hint: the more points you get, the more stars you earn!

The second thing is posing. It is an important element to get points. The key is to pose exactly when the 1 comes up. That way, you get more points. It’s not hard, really! Just pose after the 1 (Like I said.). It will take practice, but it’s worth it!!!!!

The third thing is rounds. There are three rounds, and you have to finish all of them in order to win. First round: if there are about 10 people, six will make it through. If you didn’t get enough points, then try to pose the best you can. You may still make it in the top 6. If it’s 5 people, try to make it in the top 4. Second round. it doesn’treally matter how many people there were, you still have to make it in the top 3. The round is very easy. Final (third) round: Try to get the same picture as the avatar, and pose good. It’s the hardest round, because there is less competition. It is also very hard because you have to copy the avatar. If you make it through this round, you win!


If you’re hosting, your job is easy. All you have to do is pick themes. When you’re picking a theme, then you see how many people there are.

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